Relationship Coaching Sessions

Thrive Together: Your 8-Week Relationship Roadmap

Through this coaching assessment, you will understand with what is happening right now in your relationship - what he or she is saying (or not saying) and doing (or not doing). The focus will be on you're: Thoughts, Emotions, Behavior and Action Steps that YOU are willing to take to address the issue. 

  • Relationship Assessment
  • Life Assessment
  • Values Assessment

Our assessment sessions include:

  • Weekly 8 one-on-one 45 mins coaching sessions with your Relationship Coach by telephone, WhatsApp, or Zoom
  • Introduction and Goal Setting
  • Relationship Assessment
  • Life Assessment
  • Values Exploration
  • Action Planning
  • Next Steps & Accountability
  • Email support for 2 months
$2,200.00 8 sessions (2 months)

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