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Connected Families (CF): Your Family Dynamics Blueprint

This is a customizable program with a holistic collaborative role to supporting and discovering: connection, gaining clarity, resolving conflicts and finding harmony in chaos. This coaching program is facilitated towards clients who are undergoing life's challenging transitions: (Personal) Separation/ Divorce (Professional) struggling with Work-life Balance, or Organizational conflicts and Families: Youth/Young Adult(s) who are struggling to navigate - physical, emotional, mental, and academic conflicts that is either leading to a lack of motivation/ struggling with limited beliefs that's holding them back, and questioning their self-worth, and confidence to name a few.

Key Areas:

  • Building positive and healthy home environment
  • Empowered Family
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Navigating Difficult Emotions
  • Decision-Making Clarity
  • Healthy Co-Parenting
  • Moving Forward
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Bullying
  • Breaking Limited Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Coping with Social Anxiety pressures
  • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

Takeaway: By providing emotional support, communication guidance, and a future-oriented perspective, I can empower couples, families and youth to resolve their conflicts with some somatic techniques, and powerful questioning that will enable them to create a roadmap with greater clarity, strength, harmony and successful life.

Disclaimer: The price for the Connected Families (CF): Your Family Dynamics Blueprint program is customized. Please, get in touch to learn more about the conditions and prices.

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