Relationship Coaching Sessions

Relationship Reboot: Unlock Your Relationship's Full Potential

This coaching is designed to re-connect/re-evaluate your stand with your significant other. This purpose of this coach is to foster: understanding towards intimacy : emotional, mental, intellectual, physical and spiritual to recognize the cracks in the partnership, and address the relationship as a whole entity in a holistic non-judgmental manner.

 In addition to reconnecting, in some cases Re-Evaluation is required where partners are growing apart, distancing and suddenly noticing many indifferences. Through somatic techniques, powerful questioning, and various other tools, as a coach my aim will be to dig deeper by a way of obtaining self- realizations through introspective thinking . Conducting behavioral assessment to gain an understanding into some painful decisions: Separation/Divorce. The purpose is to establish a safe space to explore the challenges in a relationship without bias, and create a holistic satisfied life based on the decision(s) made. In a traumatic situation that involves life's transitions, a coach can direct the process of discovery and empower YOU to look at behavior, limited beliefs, childhood patterns to weed them out and gain clarity.

Our assessment sessions include:

  • Complementary 45 mins session
  • 60 mins weekly coaching for 16 sessions for 4 months via phone, WhatsApp/Zoom
  • Relationship Assessment
  • Life assessment
  • Values Explorations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goals Assessment
  • Customized weekly ongoing support/guidance through phone/email
  • Accountability
  • Exercises/Worksheets: Communication Styles, Personality Assessment
$4,000.00 16 sessions (4 months)

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