Chaos to Clarity: My Secret to Cutting through Chaos

Posted on April 9th, 2024

Trials and tribulations are a part of life, and mine hasn't been an exception except it was ridden in self-doubts, low self-esteem, confidence, overthinking, procrastination, and here comes the kicker : Even though I knew that change was the only "constant" in life, I was battling an inner struggle, of self-destructive thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. It was time to silence the mind, discard negative behaviors for inner growth, transformation that led me to the path of an NLP Somatic Life Coach.

Feeling lost in a whirlwind of emotions, to-do-lists, responsibilities!! I knew I wasn't alone, in this journey where life throws many curveballs, and during one of those weakest moments I found myself succumbed to Chaos, that had manifested : physically, emotionally and mentally. Battling anxiety, depression, low self-worth, looking for validation constantly became my second nature. Limiting beliefs: "I'm not good enough," "My money earned isn't good enough," became my friends and created my narrative : "I'm not smart enough to succeed in life." The key to modify this narrative was by focusing on my personal development that was tied to my mental and emotional strength.

Life's transitions aren't easy and mine shifted its direction 4 years ago, that led to lack of direction, motivation, absence of purpose, anxiety and an overwhelming feeling that was engulfed in overthinking and judging myself. This entire process drained me emotionally and mentally. The absence of emotional regulation during those turbulent few years led me towards Chaos. Finding clarity amidst uncertainty and adapting to circumstances was a daunting reality. Living my life in my mind was the map I had created for myself. Stress and Chaos became a part of me, and there came a realization when I wanted to reprogram and construct a new map of my life with conviction and a sense of purpose.

Self-Awareness was my redemption to rebuilding that new Self and that meant some old self destructive behavior patterns had to retire with the help of countless therapy sessions for:

  • Procrastination
  • Denying my own needs or wants
  • Endlessly ruminating over my past
  • Negative self- talk
  • Ignoring my fragile mental health: anxiety, stress, and depression

A commitment to end Chaos and gain Clarity with the help of Life Coaching became my purpose. In order to do that I had to acknowledge these stumbling blocks that were hindering my growth:

  • Lack of Direction: I was no longer lost. I was gaining focus and worked towards my goal of becoming a Life Coach.
  • Overwhelm: I rewired my overwhelmed behavior with journaling, meditation, chanting, engaging in physical activities and mindfulness techniques.
  • Negative Thought-Patterns: Self- doubt, fears, limiting beliefs, overthinking were replaced with understanding the reason for them. Addressing the root cause, by journaling, grounding and relaxation techniques helped me stay present.
  • Procrastination: Acknowledging the reason behind putting off important tasks, or decisions was deep rooted in my multiple negative events and traumas, that changed the way I perceived myself, along with the fear of unsavory results drove me to this self-destructive behavior.
  • External Influences: Wrongful, expectations from myself, and people in my personal life having high expectations amplified this Chaos. The quality of my personal environment, added fuel to the loud chaotic internal dialogs, that became my partner often. Eliminating and refocusing with mindset shifts enabled me to discard the tormenting "FIGHT OR FLIGHT MODE" that became home to me.

Clear the Fog: From Chaos to Clarity a Life Coach's Perspective

From my personal experiences, and as a Life Coach I've witnessed countless, pitfalls and transformations. Life can get messy and sometimes we are bombarded with decisions, conflicting emotions, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. At any given point. life comes at this strange crossroads, where we are afraid to take that next step. What does that next step look like for you? Most of us like to discuss with our support system family/ friends, and rest with our mentors, and guides. Have you ever thought about a Life Coach?

Life Coaching can be a powerful asset to empower you. Here's a breakdown from Me to You :

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do approach coaching with an open mind, and willing to take an action
  • Don't expect the coach to give you all the answers. Its a collaborative process where you discover your own solutions.

Strategies To Tame the Whirlwind: Achieve Clarity

  • Goal Setting: Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) goals, that provide direction and keeps one motivated.
  • Values Identification: To delve in self-reflection, uncover what's important, and align your decisions and actions with your core values. This in totality creates a sense of purpose, and reduces conflict.
  • Mindset Shifts: The most powerful tool identify those limiting beliefs, and challenge those negative patterns, in fostering a more empowering mindset.
  • Organization and Prioritization: A coach assists with systems to manage tasks, time and information reducing clutter and create space for Clarity.

The purpose of coaching is to empower to navigate life's complexities with confidence. The objective as a Life Coach is to guide you with self- awareness, develops strategies, and increase accountability to gain Clarity. As your collaborator in a safe space the aim is to provide a non-judgmental environment, give an unbiased view, and help you identify blind-spots., with powerful and insightful questions. These questions prompt self-discovery authorizing you to make your best choice(s) that determine the outcome of your life.

Finding Clarity isn't a one time event, its an ongoing process. By implementing some of these strategies from my coach and mentor I transformed my life from a state of Chaos to a place of focus, peace and Clarity. Remember you too have the power to create the life you desire, and Clarity is the first step in that journey!!

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