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NLP Somatic Relationship Coaching

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You are constantly arguing and wondering why everything turns into a blow out fight?
  • You have been growing apart: there's a distance that did not exist before
  • You have difficulty agreeing on life goals: money management, kids, or a work/life balance
  • You don't feel like a priority
  • You have a lot of unmet needs (emotional, mental, and physical )
  • When you approach your partner: he/she shuts down or refuses to solve the problem together
  • You constantly feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back in your relationship 
  • You are considering a break up or divorce. You can wish and hope all you want that your partner will change, or your relationship will be better, but nothing will improve unless you take "Action." 
  • You aren't satisfied/happy in your life
  • In a toxic relationships, and unable to get out and build new life
  • Life's transitions is daunting
  • You are unable to regulate your emotions
  • During conflicts you become defensive and do not know how to solve the conflict
  • Unable to have strong boundaries at work
  • Lack of confidence is holding you back from growth
  •  Unable to maintain a Work-Life Balance 
  • In constant "Fight or Flight Mode"
  • Unable to navigate organizational styles and different communications
  • Bullying at school/university
  • Low self- esteem and confidence is withholding you from your potential
  • Uncomfortable with peers in social settings
  • Academic/social stress is pulling you away from your loved ones
  • Lack of interest or motivation to succeed

Happy relationships bring us most joy, but successful relationships, are those that are nurtured. Just as you hire a trainer to be fit and stronger, an accountant to help with your finances, a doctor to be healthy, so it's natural that you turn to a coaching expert to help you flourish and thrive. You deserve a satisfying, and an enriching relationship(s) built on being : Seen, Heard, Understood, Nurtured, Acknowledged and Loved

You know your relationship needs to be the "Priority, " but due to work stress/ family/ friends/social commitments, sometimes they get derailed and you lose focus. This has a catastrophic impact on your personal and professional relationships.

 Hi! I'm Charu Seth, an NLP Somatic Relationship Coach. I'm here to help you in this journey to create: joyous, meaningful, and thriving relationship(s).

As a Relationship Coach, my focus is on building your inter- personal skills, and creating a roadmap to achieve and enhance fulfilling relationship with yourself, and your loved ones. By doing so, we show up as self-aware, evolving individuals who are confident and create healthy connections and bring harmony in our Work- Life.

Professional and personal conflict(s) and resolving them can be mentally and emotionally draining. Misalignment of values, and goals coupled with disagreements can often look like: communication barriers with young adults or a hurdle reconnecting with your loved one's. With effective Somatic tools these challenges can be addressed. 

As YOUR coach, and facilitator you will find me collaborating in creating authentic, stronger, healthier, joyous, and fulfilling connections by aligning your values, purpose and goal. Through this process you will not only add value to your life but gain self-awareness to achieve your goal(s)

" Every decision/choice that we make determines the quality of life we want." Now the question to ask is : What kind of life do You want"?

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"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step" - Lao Tzu

Are you ready to take the first step in your transformational journey? Then send me a message and let me help you thrive in all areas!

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