Transitional Coaching Sessions

Mapping Assessment Session

This coaching program is designed to help you gain clarity. As a facilitator, my focus will be on empowering you to achieve your goal, by Transforming and Thriving in your life.

 I will use NLP techniques: Visual (images), Auditory (sounds), Kinesthetic (touch and internal feelings), Gustatory (tastes), and Olfactory (smells) senses to help you understand, and recognize roadblocks. We will do this by: Mind Mapping your goals, by either writing them down/, ranking them, and creating Vision Boards for future. 

I will provide assistance to a client during a challenging time by giving them the necessary life skills and self-care tools. Together, we will collaborate on your vision of future that will enable you to succeed in a supportive and a nurturing environment.  

Mapping/ Assessment Session includes: 

  • 8 coaching sessions; 
  • Transitional coaching;
  • Goal setting exercise
  • 45 minutes for each weekly session (+session recordings and/or notes);
  • Email support for 2 months; 
  • Whatsapp/Zoom support in between ; 
  • Worksheets and journal;
$1,600.00 8 sessions (2 months total)

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"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step" - Lao Tzu

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